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Echo Wireless Broadband, Inc. review summary

4on Google,Jan 22, 2020


Service person that came to fix our antenna did a great job, took the office a couple of days to respond, but my internet is working very good.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 22, 2020


They have always been very helpful. Keep you updated if anything is going on. No problems with service.

5on Google,Jan 18, 2020


As with any young company that is full of potential greatness, there have been growing pains. However, unlike other similar companies that experience hiccups then hide from your phone calls and emails, these folks face every opportunity for growth with a respectful reply, a patient ear and a kind smile. You will never see the backside of these folks because they don't run. They go above and beyond to address the issues head on, and are continually working to make sure that their customer family is experiencing the best internet service possible. Additionally, it's not out of their scope of work, to send someone out to your home or business, just to make sure that everything is operating at the highest quality available. Their various plan options are very affordable and since one can not put a price tag on service, attitude and character, I'd say that everyone signed up with Echo Wireless Broadband has received a priceless added bonus! If you're looking for a new internet provider, look no further! These folks and this company are amazing, and you can trust that everything they do is always in the best interest of the people they serve. Finally, rest assured, that your gaming, streaming or working from home office experience will always be cutting edge technology. Only the best for the best!! Thank you Echo Wireless Broadband!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 16, 2020


Outstanding service and people.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 14, 2020


Lionel installed our internet and gave great information. He’s the BEST. Very helpful & knowledgeable. So far WIFI is working great!

5on Google,Dec 19, 2019


They have excellent service both on the phone and techs!!! Lionel is exceptional he has help me and our entire family (3 different households)with internet for connections to troubleshooting he knows his business!!! You have got a keeper and I hope you know it.

5on Google,Dec 18, 2019


We haven’t had service long but so far so good. Great customer service, fair pricing & better connectivity.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 18, 2019


Excellent customer service. The tech arrived on time on day of installation. They know I’m working from home and made sure I had the correct setup. Thank you for the excellent service.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 17, 2019

Debbie Lockhart

There service is fast and great connections. Install done by Lionel was the best, he can answer all your questions and concerns. He is a true asset to this company and they should be very proud to have someone like him representing them to the public.

5on Google,Dec 16, 2019


Echo does a great job of providing reliable, high-speed internet here in Brown County for those areas where pulling fiber isn't feasible and is a much more attractive option than satellite (both performance and price). They back their technology with prompt and friendly customer service. I recently had an equipment issue and they had a tech out promptly who got our service restored and updated and fine tuned our system. I’d recommend Echo to anyone with access to their service.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 14, 2019


I’ve had Verizon/Frontier since we’ve been here and it’s been nothing but issues. I’m so grateful for the referral to Echo. We have been problem free for days now. We have never been able to go through 4-5 days w/o issues. Good strong connection, great representatives and customer service.

5on Google,Dec 10, 2019


The internet service is great (out at the lake). The customer service is exceptional every time I've needed their assistance. Outages are few and only for short periods.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 10, 2019


Very pleased with Echo Wireless both for the internet and customer service. Thank you, Rocky, for running a new cable for me today!

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 03, 2019


quickly upgraded my service,Rocky was terrific.

5on Google,Nov 24, 2019


I received internet service within 2 days after contacting Echo Wireless. The 2 guys that came were very courteous and explained exactly what was needed for the install. Once my internet was installed, they cleaned up and provided instructions. Very helpful and courteous.

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 21, 2019

Terri Lee

Great customer service and terrific service professionals.

5on Google,Nov 21, 2019


After a disastrous 2 years with Hugh's, I switched to the veteran owned Echo. Best decision I could ever make. This company gives great service with excellent equipment that gives me a fantastic signal that powers 7 devices without a problem. I'm singing their praises because they deserve them.

5on Google,Nov 19, 2019

Terri Lee

Nice people. Conscientious service.

5on Google,Nov 18, 2019


Network is fast and reliable. This company provides customer service as its best in just a call.

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 15, 2019


Fast and friendly service. Highly recommended!!

5on Google,Nov 13, 2019


Technician was on time, actually early, to appointment. Install was performed perfectly, efficiently, and very professional WiFi seems to be working great!! Chip Roemisch Brownwood, TX

5on Google,Nov 12, 2019


They are the only people who will supply internet to my house. Lionel Ramos is the tech who set me up, it was quick fast and easy. This is my second time going through them, it is amazing fast internet for a amazing price. I run 2 game consoles, 2 phones 24/7, and a smart TV plus a guest or 2, all off the basic plan and I never have any lag or buffer, ever.