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Echo Wireless Broadband, Inc. review summary

5on Google,Sep 22, 2019


Echo Wirelwss is great! They are very friendly and helpful. If I need tech support they always come out very quickly.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 11, 2019


Fast service, Friendly Staff, Service is great, Cost is reasonable

5on Google,Sep 11, 2019


Installation experience was great. Techs called ahead. They were prompt, friendly, professional as well as adept and speedy. Obviously very experienced guys.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 11, 2019


Fast and the price is right

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 11, 2019


I have been with Echo Wireless for several years. Never any problems with this company. Service has always been fast, professional, no complaints. Their personnel in the office and the techs have always been super nice.

4on Google,Sep 11, 2019


Overall the costumer service is excellent. I just wish the dnl/upload speed was greater. I have to take what I can get out in the boonies. Hope they carry starlink in 2020!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2019


Echo does a great job of providing reliable, high-speed internet here in Brown County for those areas where pulling fiber isn't feasible and is Echo is a much more attractive option than satellite (both performance and price). They back their technology with prompt and friendly customer service.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 10, 2019

John N Carrie

Had great service just wished they would send paper bill because I get a lot of mail and sometimes don’t see my bill

4on Google,Sep 10, 2019


The people who talked with me when I was trying to decide whether to try wireless in our rural area or not we’re all so informative. We had heard that you just couldn’t wireless service anywhere in our area. My husband was very leery - he was afraid we’d get signed up and then have terrible reception. They assured me that the technician who came would check that and would be honest and tell us if we were able to get a signal. We were. After a year and s half I can finally use all the features on all of our smart tv’s! I didn’t give it 5 stars because somedsys I only have one baron my phone, probably if I called they could fix that too.

5on Google,Sep 10, 2019

Robert Bambam

Great and friendly staff , Great Service and excellent product. Glad I chose them.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 09, 2019


Good value and reliable service.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 09, 2019


Always a rapid response and pleasant personnel! I have been a happy customer for several years! Glad you’re in our area south of Bangs!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 09, 2019


Need to speed the internet up some

5on Google,Sep 09, 2019


Great service!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 08, 2019


Echo is GREAT !!!!! Wonderful !!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 08, 2019


Great streaming, WiFi calling works great... have AT&T at home, this is much better and cheaper...

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 08, 2019


Yes we would recommend Echo Wireless to everyone.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 08, 2019


reliable. Excellent customer service!

5on Google,Sep 08, 2019


Excellent customer service!