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There are also helpful tips you can try yourself to restore internet service. 

  • Devices & equipment
    • From desktops to laptops to smartphones and tablets, every device has a maximum speed
    • Security cameras especially can affect network performance. 
  • Number of devices & interference
    • If your connection is used by multiple devices, speed tests may not be accurate. 
    • Using a WiFi network sometimes results in interference from other household devices or neighboring connections. 
  • Home network factors
    • Age of electrical wiring in the home
    • Distance between the device and the router
  • Connection type
    • Reliable speed testing should be done using a wired Ethernet connection. 
    • Wireless (WiFi) speed tests will always reflect a lower value than actual traffic flow. 
  • Router
    • Age of the router
    • Firmware may need updating on the router
  • Other networks & websites
    • Web servers may not have the same speeds as you
    • Visiting certain sites or services during peak hours may result in slower speeds on the site's servers. 

The above information is meant to be informative only so that you can understand different factors that may affect your internet speed. If you experience functionality issues, please contact us so that we determine if there are problems within the Echo network that may affect your service. 


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